Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Nursery for Penelope Jules

If you can't remember the wonderful blue carpet in this room before we started you can go here to see it in all it's glory.

I loved having Penelope's nursery completely planned out before I bought anything. Im a total "buy it now, see if it works, then return later" kind of person. If there is any question on if I think something will work I buy it and I can always return it. But this mood board made it so much easier. Anytime I saw something I liked I just thought back to my board and asked myself if it would work in there, if not, I didn't get it. This saved lots of trips back and forth. Here was my original post on the nursery, you can see the mood board. I didn't get all the little prints I wanted, while I still love them I thought some little trinket shelves would be a lot more fun.

I love that the room is filled with sentimental items and some reused stuff from our homes before. It makes the room feel much more meaningful as opposed to all brand new store bought stuff. I was also able to incorporate a nightstand that I got at an antique store a few years ago and a quilt that I bought before me and Derrik got married. I also found some postcards from Hawaii that were sent to Derrik when he was a baby from his grandparents that have since both passed away. I made the raindrop mobile. The stuffed animals and items on the shelves were gifted by family and friends that I love so much. There is also a starfish and a framed feather from Costa Rica, from one of our first trips together as a family (I was still pregnant). It is so special to have these little things that mean so much. One of the best compliments I received before Penny was born was from a friend, she that she could feel Penny's spirit in the room. That comment made me so happy because I too could feel her in there and to think that she felt it too was a beautiful thing. There is so much meaning in every detail of the room.

Photos by Ciara Richardson