Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Dogs Huge Paws-Paris


Meet our newest and possibly sweetest foster dog, Paris. She is the most cuddliest dog we've had. Paris is a 7 year old, 100 pound Great Dane, though she looks like she has a little lab in her. She loves to set her face on your lap while you are trying to get something done... but with that face we all know not much gets accomplished. Paris and Mahz were instant best friends. They love to cuddle and play together. Paris even makes Mahzy a lot less neurotic when we aren't by his side. She is a little skittish of males but after being properly introduced (usually by Mazy going over to the new person and licking their hand to show her they are nice) she is such a sweetie to everyone.

If you or someone you know want to help make a difference go to and go to their "available dogs" page to look at all the sweeties.

WARNING: If you want to adopt Paris you have to be an amazing, kind, sweet, human because we wont let her go for anything less.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tour de New House

This video reveals some dirty laundry, all the crap we have. When our wonderful friends were helping us move in they continued to tell us how much crap we had. It was a humbling experience. Since then I save sold and got rid a some stuff..... but I have also bought more and so we are about even. My name is Nicole and I am a horder. I am really trying though to live with less, it's a slow process.

If you forgot (a little reminder here) and you are wondering why all our shi... crap is in our basement it's because we closed on both our old house and the new house but we weren't able actually move into the new place for about a month. So we moved all our stuff into the empty basement while the old owners lived there a little longer.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reno 911

We needed a bathroom reno pronto. And instead of Reno like the place. It's reno, as in renovation, try and keep up.

Since we moved into our first home a few years ago our bathroom had slowly gotten worse and worse. The paint was bubbling, cracking and actually running down the walls onto the tile. There was the beginnings of mold in a spot or two, and the paint on the windowsill, located in shower, was starting to crack and chip off.   It was the embarrassment of the house. We continued to procarastinate (much like I do in every aspect of my life, hence this blog post when we have already moved into a new house) until the mold started to show up. sick.

It was time to get our butts into gear.

First Derrik had to install a bathroom fan, which was a major factor in all the problems we were having in the bathroom.  Since we had to repaint the walls, and the people that we bought the house from thought it would be a really good idea to paint the ceiling to match the walls, we had to repaint the ceiling too but first we had to remove all the amazing ceiling texture job (sense the sarcasm). Then patch all the holes.Then we had to strip all the layers of paint off the windowsill, then sand, sand and sand a little more. The walls needed a lot of help too. Since the paint had started to mold, bubble and chip away we had to clean and sand the walls down. Luckily our bathroom is abnormally small and there is tile that comes about halfway up on all walls.

Now time to paint. We used oil based primer on the walls, window frame, ceiling and cabinet door, we decided to do 2 coats of primer to be safe. Then we painted the ceiling basic white, which I firmly believe every ceiling color should be. For the walls we chose a dark navy/gray color that matched well with my towels and since we have white tile halfway up the wall and a white curtain the dark color would add some drama.

We started with the mold, cleaned it real good with bleach.

Because the ceiling was painted the same color as the walls, 
a yellow/tanish color, and then had the same color of texture 
put on it it was next to impossible to simply just repaint the ceiling. 
We had to remove all the texture first.
We had to scrape, fill holes, and sand.

Then we stripped and sanded, sanded, and sanded some more
 the window sill in the shower (whoever thought a window 
with a wood frame in a shower was a good idea was very wrong. 

Here is the paint "dripping" down the walls and onto the tile

Then came the priming. We primed the ceiling, 
walls, and window frame. 2 coats to be safe.

The picture doesn't even do this reno justice

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Video Tour, Our First House

Before me and Derrik moved into the new place we took a video home tour of the old house so we could always remember it. We also did it for those people that never came over when we lived there (Grandma I'm looking at you, jk, but really)

Hope you like it, there are a few disclaimers however.
1. dont mind the wide angle, we shot it with a go pro.
2. Ignore me creepily watching guard as I make sure Derrik does a good job.
3. Forget that Deek puts his hand over the microphone a few times.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Harvest Gathering

Harvest Gathering is my new favorite tradition among our friends.
This year we decided to keep it a bit more casual then last year with the mountain man theme.