Thursday, July 31, 2014

5 Years Down and Half Way There

Yesterday was me and Derrik's five year anniversary, yikes did that go by fast. I have been thinking so much about our relationship and how it has changed in the past seven years of being together. I pretty much knew I loved him and that we would get married the week I met him. I like to think back on our wedding day and remember how much I loved him and how excited I was for our life we were about to start together. I was nothing but excited and filled with joy. I remember thinking, "I don't think anyone has ever loved someone more then I love him" and I believed it. Fives years since that day and things have changed. I know I loved him then but that was nothing to how I feel about him now. The love has grown so much deeper and stronger, and I only hope that growing love continues as we stumble through this life together.

5 years down...
we were just we ones back then

Half way there....

We are so excited to meet our little girl in December. This journey has been one of the toughest and most exciting things in my life. I can't wait to see Derrik and our little angel together. Ive always said I hope our little girls were daddy's girls. Growing up I remember how I looked up to my dad and how much I loved him, I can only hope Derrik and baby girl will have that same bond.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

One year progress

If you remember this post from a ways back you will remember that I l.o.v.e. love to do lists. But even more then making them, I love crossing things off. Since today marks the one year mark of living in our home, I decided to update my list with things that are done. Also since living in the house some things we decided we didn't need to do and somethings we decided to add to the list, all the changes are in green.

To Do:
Front Yard:
Remove rocks
Line gardens with black edging- no longer doing this
Plant large bushes
Refinish lamppost
Take out large rose bushes
Paint flower boxes and shutters
Paint front door
Remove/replace storm door and decorative iron on door and windows
Fix sprinklers
Transplant flowers in weird half circle spot
Sod half circle and other small garden

Paint baseboards
Paint doors
Paint ceiling
Paint walls
Replace lighting fixture- Im going to keep them as of right now 
Paint back of front door
Get washer/dryer
Paint built ins

Window treatments
Paint walls
Paint baseboards
Paint ceiling

Paint walls
Paint ceiling
Paint baseboards
Paint fireplace
Replace window treatments
Remove carpet
Finish hardwood
Redo green fireplace tile

Dining room:
Window treatments
Paint baseboards
Paint walls
Light fixture
Paint built-ins
Replace knobs on built ins

Window treatments-we decided against getting any window treatments
Replace glass in cabinets
Replace/paint knobs

Paint baseboards/chair rail
Paint walls
Replace window treatments

Master Bath:
New bathroom vanity or new knobs and counter
Refinish/replace mirrors
Make ironing board cabinet into little shelves
New light fixtures
Sand and paint walls
New tile shower

Remove wallpaper-sanded and painted over instead of removing
Paint baseboards
Paint ceiling
Paint walls
New carpet
New lighting fixture
Window treatments

Guest bathroom:
Remove carpet
Vanity (paint, replace)
Window treatment- no window treatment, instead got a textured window

Carpet stairs
Washer and dryer

Basement Bathroom:
Gut entire bathroom
Tile bathroom
Extend ceiling
Replace old pipes
Paint walls
Paint ceiling
New baseboards
Move shower drain
Pour cement
Install new shower

Level lot
Lay sod
3 raised garden beds and lay sod in old garden
Remove rocks
Remove bushes

New windows
Replace door handles
Replace light switches and outlets

As you can see there is plenty on the list that I have yet to blog about. Im lazy, get used to it. I will be posting as soon as I perfect it and take the photos.