Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Asparagus and Tilapia

I have been seriously lacking in the kitchen lately, my poor Mr. So I thought to make up for it I would cook one of his favorites, asparagus. I wanted to put a little spin on it so I found this recipe on and we loved it. I also baked some tilapia, needless to say it was a fantastic dinner. 

For the asparagus:

1 bunch of asparagus, trimmed
cooking spray
salt and pepper to taste
2 Tbs. butter
1 Tbs. soy sauce
1 tsp. balsamic vingar

Trim ends off asparagus then arrange on tin foil 
lined cookie sheet. Season with oil, salt 
and pepper. Bake for 12 minutes @400 degrees

While asparagus is cooking start the sauce. Melt butter 
in small saucepan over medium heat, after butter is melted remove 
from heat and add balsamic and soy sauce. 

To serve, pour sauce over asparagus and Enjoy!
It's that simple.
Disclaimer: don't mind my odd looking fish it was delicious I promise

Monday, August 29, 2011

Lazy Weekend

I'm sorry I have so extremely lazy lately.  I have two DIY almost done and I just cant seem to get them finished. So don't give up hope they are slowly but surely on their way, in the mean time lets listen to a little Adele. While watching the VMA's last night and trying not to throw something at the TV when Lady Gaga came on. What the.. ? Anyway to say the least Adela was a sight for sore eyes. She is so talented. So here is a video to one of my favorite songs lately.

I would give anything for her voice. One of the many reasons I love her so much is that her voice is as good live as she is on the radio. None of this synthsized shiz. (Did you see lil' Wayne, that was horrible) Adele is legit. I would give anything for her voice but since I don't  Deek will have to just be happy with my gorgeous voice (sense the sarcasm)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Loving the East

I dont know what it is lately about the East coast that has me swooning. I was fortunate enough to visit my sister Angie when she lived in Charlottesville, Virginia a few years ago, and although it's one of the only place I have visited on the east coast I am convinced it is the best. Its a small town where University of Virginia is, Thomas Jefferson built the school, and his house, Monticello, isn't too far away. I have been dreaming about visiting there ever since I left, especially in fall, with the beautiful leaves and the apple orchards it is the perfect place to spend the most wonderful time of the year.

My new goal in life, I know I say that a lot but I have A.D.D. so my goals change a lot. This one is serious thought, is to visit Salem, Massachusetts on Halloween. You know they have the best halloweens. Also to visit Boston and NYC in the fall, thats the dream right? My goal for next year is to spend fall/Halloween on the East coast.

Here are a few photos of out trip out east


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Put A Bird On It

This post is on behalf of my husband's comment to my post on friday. I showed him this video forever ago to which I dont think he found it as funny I did. But somehow he remembered and used this phrase perfectly.
The video is so good it shows that people will really buy anything that is the "it' thing no matter how stupid.

I hope you enjoy this video and if something looks dull Put-a-Bird-on-it!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dirty Pillows

 Recently while helping my mom look for fabric do a little reupholstering (which consisted of positioning and stapling fabric in place) I bought some fabric to redo some pillows that I must say I was embarrassed to have in my house, even if they were hidden in my junk craft room. So I got to it. Surprisingly It didnt take me months to sew them. Usually by the time I get by butt in gear the fabric has gone out of style and the vicious cycle has begun.
Don't ask me what I was thinking when I bought this hideous red pillow at Walmart. But there is an explantaion for the bad color and even worse design. When we first moved into our old apartment we very quickly realized that no normal sized couch would fit down the stairs. Deeks loving grandparents gave us a white leather love seat. So finding pillows that looked good with the white couch and the busy red and yellow curtains (I promise they were cute) was quite a task. I knew when we moved we would have different couches. So getting more and more frustrated I just settled on the most hideous pillows I could find, apparently.
So when we moved into our new house, got ourselves a new and legit couch, pillows were on the mind again. Its seemed dumb going out to buy all new pillows when I had so many, although not cute, sitting at home. Plus its so hard to find the right pillow for the right price. So when I found this cute fabric I knew I had to recover my existing treasures.

The beautiful white couch and even better pillow. Before.
(I hope you picked up the sarcasm)

 Pillow after. Better right?.. hopefully.

 Sorry for the bad photo, I never said I was a photographer.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Light up my Life

Lighting is one of the first things I notice when I walk in a house, is it too bright, too dark? Fluorescent? Good design, no design?
I think lighting is one of those make or break things in a house or office. Lets take for instance my office at my place of work. On my first day here I walked into my office and thought "wow this lighting has got to go." the room was  glowing green. The walls were green the desk is that glass that has a green tint and the fluorescent lighting. I swear standing outside my office it was like green smoke was emerging. And on top of that almost everyone that came in said that I had a green tint to my skin. No bueno. After some subtle hints to my boss we changed the paint to a nice neutral beige and replaced all the fluorescent light bulbs. Very bueno. Now I can work without getting a pounding headache.
Anyway, back to lighting.
We bought our house from a couple of guys that had just redone everything, new carpet, tile, lights. Awesome right, well I don't want to sound like a complainer but the lighting is definitely not my first choice. It's new, so thats nice but all the bedrooms have the "boob lights" (if you don't know what that is just think about it for a second longer. It's pretty self explanatory.) Now don't get me wrong  those are nice, but the color isn't the best and I want my house to have a little more character. So my new mission in life is to find fun and unique lighting for my house, and Im starting with the living room.  Here are some fun ideas, they probably wouldn't work in our living room but they are fun to look at.

I adore the industrial but I don't think the one light bulb 
would be bright enough. 

Maybe I could just cover a lamp shade with burlap.

Love the style of this, hate the price tag, and I'm not sure a 
DIY would turn out as awesome as this little beaut.

I need some ideas, what do you guys think?

Monday, August 15, 2011

Fall Fetish

Anyone who knows me knows how much I adore fall. I love everything about it. Waking up in the morning to the crisp air and snuggling just a little closer to Derrik, putting on something that I don't have to worry about wearing as few layers as possible but I can actually wear something cute and put together, Conference weekend, my birthday, Halloween and the decorations that go along with it, the bite in the air, the pumpkin cookies, drinks, and pie, taking drives up the canyon to take in the beautiful mountains with the changing colored leaves and of course the start of all the fun holidays.
Here is probably the cutest cake I have ever seen you can bet I will be making this when fall has finally arrived.

I will post my "how to" when I do it myself but if you 
simply can not wait here is the blog where I found it.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Porches are one my favorite rooms in a house. When me and Derrik first started dating and he lived at his dads house they had this amazing porch overlooking their gorgeous pond and the Valley. Living in liberty has its advantages like feeling as though you are on vacation even if you are only 20 minutes from home... Anyway back to their porch. I think one of the best features of the porch is the screens. Best idea ever! This way you can sit in nature without it biting you. So when we first started dating we would spend lots of time out there eating dinner with his family, playing cards and just hanging out. Also the fact that they have a heater out there means you get to spend lots of time out there even in the chillier months. On the 4th of July me and Deek got to spend the night out there on their day bed, while Deek had a miserable night thanks to the cotton storm I was enjoying the sounds of nature and the slight breeze.
So needless to say I LOVE a good porch. My dream house consists of a nice cozy house and a huge porch. Here are some porches to get you by while you wait for your money tree to blossom.

Does this picture make you as sleepy as it makes me?

I can totally picture myself sitting out her with a 
huge blanket and a cup of coco.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fashion Envy

If anyone hasn't been to the site Sincerely, Jules you are missing out. This girls is amazing. Her style is so cute and super fun. I feel like its pretty achievable seeing as lots of her purchases come form F21, AE and H&M. I love how at the bottom of every post she puts where she got that particular item. So if I'm really itching to go out and get it I know exactly where to find it.

If only I had the will power to wake up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to really put an outfit together, instead of just throwing on the first thing I see, I could look as cute as her. Probably not but lets just pretend.

I saw this jacket at the H&M in Vegas and decided 
against purchasing it. Why do I always buy the stuff I hate in 2 weeks 
but the pieces I continue to lust after for months I don't get? 

I need these boots in a bad way

Friday, August 5, 2011

OCD at it's Finest

Organization. I don't know what it is about that word that I love. Now let me make something clear before I get into deep. I don't like to organize something that A. I don't care about B. when I don't get to do it my way and C. when it's a slobs stuff and I know it will just get messed up the second I leave. Now that I have that disclaimer out of the way I can continue. 
I love going to Michael's or Walmart and looking through all the different boxes, baskets jars, and labelers. It is my guilty pleasure. I think I talk a bit to much about it to others. So much so that I got a phone call from my husbands aunt Julene a couple weeks ago wanting to know if I would help her organize her pantry. She said" don't judge me for how bad it is" to which I replied "don't judge me for how excited I am!" I love organizing thats all there is to it. Opening up a cupboard or a drawer and seeing everything in its right place really does it for me. 

Here are some beautiful organizing photos to get anyone in the mood. 

This is so simple, why have I never thought of this before?

 I would love to have my pantry like this. 
All those glass jars are to die for. 

 Even the cluttered organization is beautiful.

If all my tools looked like this I might be more 
willing to do yard work.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

On a Serious Note

Im going to stray a bit form my usual light, crafty, posts and post something a little more serious. I came upon this video and was touched by the power behind it.
No matter your religion or beliefs it's hard to deny the powerful message that is being given. Many people are effected by drugs, porn, ect. and not just those that are the ones actually doing these things. Family members, friends, are effected too. I've seen far too many families that have lost a loved one as the result of drugs. The addiction is too strong for lots of people. I love in this video when Jeffrey R. Holland says "the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. So watch your step." This hits me hard. No one ever starts something wanting to be hooked or wanting their family torn apart, all it takes is that one step. That first time.
I posted a DIY a few months ago and I was thinking hard what I wanted it to say. I didn't want the usual "Always kiss me goodnight" or something else that has been done before. I wanted it to be powerful and really make you think every time you look at it. I'm wanting to make a smaller version and I think I found what I want it to say "I will give place no more for the enemy of my soul"
Again sorry for the seriousness of the post but I just was so touched and wanted to share with everyone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Best Two Years

Me and Derrik just had our 2 year wedding anniversary last Saturday. We will technically be celebrating it next week sometime because we were in Bear Lake with my entire family and that wasn't quite how I was picturing our anniversary to go. But it was a good weekend. It was actually quite appropriate seeing is how our first "date" (the weekend I realized I like this hippy) was in Bear Lake.
Me and Deek dated for over 2 years before we got hitched and its weird to think we have now been married that long because I feel like we dated forever and we have only been married a few months. 
I could not have dreamed up a better husband. We used to always say "thanks for picking me in heaven," and I truly feel that way. When we first met I felt like I had known him my whole life and I knew we would end up together. He is truly my best friend. I get excited to see him when I come home from work. Because of our work and school schedules our time is limited but that's what makes our lives interesting. When we first met I wrote down a list of everything I want my husband to be: spiritual, funny, good with kids, outgoing, motivated, active, ect. then soon realized Deek is everything I wanted plus so much much more. 

One of the first photos together. 7/07

Wedding 7/30/09

Hunstville Parade 7/4/11