Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas at Hogwarts

For the last few years me and my friends have decided to spice up our annual Christmas party with adding a theme to it.
The first year was "An Upper East Side Christmas" Gossip Girl inspired. 
Colored tights and a big headband was a must!

Last year we went a little more Christmasy and went with "Whoville"
Complete with Who-Hash and Who-Pudding.

Since the love of Harry Potter runs deeps within our group we decided to do a 
"Christmas and Hogwarts"
I wanted this theme to take over the party. So for the invites of course I had to do Hogwarts acceptance letters. To make them legit I used the Harry Potter font and used the Hogwarts crest. After I congratulated my friends for being accepted into Hogwarts I soaked the letters in coffee to add a worn and vintage look. I also sealed the letter with red wax and a seal.

The yummy spread.

 We even had Butterbeer.

Wanted Posters

It was such a fun night. Thanks to all my friends who came, I love you all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Strength & Weakness

While listening to conference this past fall something President Uchtdorf said really stuck out to me and I wanted to design a poster after it. I think so many times in life we are so hard on ourselves and others. Our expectations are unrealistic. We often put ourselves down for not being perfect, whether is be in talents or in actions. Or perhaps we look at others and judge them for something they said or did. 
Everyone has strengths, everyone has weaknesses, some are on the surface for everyone to see and some are on the inside buried deep down.

I love listening to conference I always walk away from it feeling so loved and inspired to strive and do better.

Background from here

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A New Beginning

Me and Derriks anniversary was in July but with vacations, friends wedding, and school we didn't get to celebrate our 2 year anniversary with something extra special. We had been talking about going up to the Alaskan Inn for the night but we couldn't quite find the right time. But with Derrik leaving for his new job on Tuesday and the fact that he would be gone longer then we have ever been apart, Monday night seemed like the perfect opportunity.
We've been lucky enough to have visited the Alaskan Inn a few times and every time is so fun. It is so fun to stay in your own little cabin that has its own theme, ours was North Pole (perfect for the holidays). If you haven't been there I highly recommend it. Did I mention they bring you breakfast in the morning, oh my it was delish. Anyway so we spend the night there and he left the next day for his first day on the job. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be. It has only been one day.. oh man that's it?.. but I just keep thinking of how much longer he has. So long story short if anyone is bored and looking for something to do, call me, chances are I'm at home and Im lonely. At least I have Big Dog and a gun to scare away bad guys. Deek told me I have to cook for my friends so I "don't get rusty" so if you are looking for a hot meal call me. 
Hopefully with this new found loneliness I will get the motivation to do some fun crafts. Everyone cross your fingers.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas and the feeling it brings. There was one Christmas when I was probably around 12 that I will always remember. My parents had decided we were going to ease up on our own Christmas that year and help give to a less fortunate family. On Christmas Eve we drove to their house in Ogden and dropped a few things off, as we were driving through the neighborhood, headed home, we stopped in front of a small house with big windows. The curtain was wide open and inside we could see a large family with santa hats on. They were laughing and dancing all together. I remember sitting in front of their house with my family in total silence as we all felt the spirit so strong. That family didn't have much but they had everything because they had each other. I don't remember the presents I got that year but I do remember exactly how I felt as we were able to help a family in need and we got to watch another family love and laugh together.

Me and Derrik have never been ones for extreme gift giving. We have set a pretty low number that we spend every year and it hasn't changed since we were first dating and I like it that way. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the gifts being passed around and I lose the spirit of the season. Over the past few years I have been thinking of traditions and when we start a family what I want our kids to experience. I will never forget that Christmas we had the chance to help another family out and I want my future children to feel that peace and love that comes along with helping others. I came across this post this morning and I can't help but share. Reading the comments makes me have faith in humanity again. Even those that have nothing are willing to help.