Monday, August 20, 2012

East Coast Adventures: Part 3

On Sunday evening we made the 4 hour drive to Boston. We drove over the Bunker Hill Bridge and it was amazing. As soon as you think you are getting into the city the road takes you under the city and a few minutes later we arrived on the opposite end of Boston. By the time we made it to the hotel and dropped our stuff off we were starved. We decided to walk around to find a place to eat, and we found this little pizza place and stuffed our faces with mushroom ravioli (yum) and pizza. We were about to order some ice cream when the waitress told us they were cleaning out the machines and they had some let over we could just take. Of course we said we would take it and she came over with 3 cartons. Wahoo!
On Monday The Freedom Trail was our first priority and boy was it amazing. It was about a 3 mile walk and it took us all around the city to different historical sites like; the oldest tavern in America, Bell in Hand, that opened in 1795, the site of the Boston Massacre, old graveyards, chapels, and across the bridge to Bunker hill where the famous line "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes" was spoken.
Then we headed up to the little town of Salem. Here we went to the Salem Witch Museum and the graveyard where they have a memorial where the people killed in the trials are remembered.
Later that night we went to dinner at the absolute best indian restaurant for our 3 year anniversary. Then we headed to Fenway park and to walk around the city a bit more.
I loved Boston so much every little street was so cute and perfect. I only wish we had more then a day to take in all the beauty.
This trip was the perfect way to spend our anniversary. I keep getting asked what place I loved the most, NYC, Vermont or Boston? I actually don't know I loved it all! Every place had something beautiful and different to offer. I already want to go back!

The view from our room.

Bell in Hand

Boston Massacre happened right here

Monday, August 13, 2012

East Coast Adventures: Part 2

On Wednesday we made the 6+ hour drive from NYC to Burlington, Vermont. The freeway was lined with thick trees, it was gorgeous. On Thursday we made our way into the perfect little town on Stowe, Vermont. The dense forest, moss covered rocks and the continuos misting rain reminded me so much of Kauai, HI. We met up with some friends that were living there for a few months doing summer sales. They showed us a few fun spots where alcohol was hidden in boulder fields during the prohibition and on sunny days where they like to cliff jump into the river and pan for gold. Every house was what I consider my "perfect house" in east coast style, complete with siding, shutters and colored front doors. Of course Derrik and I had to visit the Ben & Jerrys factory. I was so fun to see where it all started and where some flavors had come to ann end (there was a flavor graveyard, with actual headstones for flavors that have be discontinued) We got to try a brand new flavor that is still in testing and it was delish.

For the next few days Derrik had to work at the Costco roadshow so I was able to relax and drive into downtown Burlington and do what I do best.. SHOP! The little town had a main street that led straight to Lake Champlain. There was an awesome street called Church Street that is blocked to traffic and there is shopping, dining, and street musicians on the sidewalks and in the road. I went there almost everyday to eat, shop, and read. For lunch one day Derrik and I met up with one of his dads old friends that he hadn't see in probably 10 years. Vermont was so beautiful and I'm already wanting to go back, this time in the fall when the leaves are changing and there's a nip in the air.


Monday, August 6, 2012

East Coast Adventures: Part 1

I have been wanting to go to the East coast for as long as I can remember, specifically NYC, Boston, Vermont, and Salem. I actually almost bought tickets to go back East two weeks ago. Derrik had a work show in Connecticut and had told me he was planning on visiting NYC while he was there. I was super bummed because I have been dying to go.  The night before he was suppose to leave we came up with the brilliant plan that I should join him on his trip. We were able to do a little switching around with some work schedules. That way we would be able to visit NYC, Vermont then Boston. Not only that but because it was a work trip and Derrik works for an awesome company, Geigerrig, our out of pocket cost was hardly anything.

Deek had been in Connecticut all weekend when I flew in on Sunday night. We headed from Connecticut to NYC Monday morning. It took a little over 3 hours to get there. Neither one of us had been to NYC and it was absolutely amazing. We spent the day at Time Square, the Empire State building, and Rockefeller Center having dinner with Tina Fey (we wish). We met up with some friends, Morgan and Britton Pederson, that live in Astoria, at a rad little Italian joint for dinner. We topped the night off with some delicious crepes.

The next day we started out at the MET. It was overwhelming how much stuff they have there, we pretty much sped walked through the whole thing and still didn't see everything. Afterwards we walked through Central Park and Derrik was able to do a little rock climbing. We were able to visit the awe inspiring World Trade Memorial.  Then we headed to Long Island for dinner with Morgan and Britton on the pier overlooking the NYC skyline.  It was an amazing view.  We ended the night off with some amazing gelato.  New York was so amazing and better then we ever could have imagined!

 After dinner it poured rain. Deek let me use his rain jacket but don't 
worry he had his backpack straps to cover his bikini areas.

Best little shop ever right next to Grand Central Station. 
The walls and floor were covered in bookshelf wallpaper and they had 
mint mojito gelato. It doesn't get much better then that.