Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Penelope Jules Newborn's

Considering Penny is close to turning 2 and I still haven't published these is a little sad. But better late then never and I will soon have another baby to post newborns of so I better get my butt in gear.
When I look at these photos it's hard to even see the little girl that I see now as a toddler. I feel like she has changed so much and she is barely recognizable.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Last June (like over a year ago)  me and Derrik were fortunate enough to visit Europe with our good friends. I have been dying to go to Switzerland. It has probably been at the top of me and Derrik's bucket list since we met. I remember us watching a hiking documentary set in the Alps, I had never felt a yearning quite like that. Switzerland was calling my name, and I heard it loud and clear. Me and Deek had both felt it but a sad feeling that we would never go there was quickly closing in. Little did we know 6 short years later we would be so blessed to go there. We were also able to visit Italy and boy oh boy it did not disappoint!
This trip was a turning point for us. There is so many places we want to see we are not wasting time. Travel has taken over our lives and the memories we take from traveling to new and exciting places are priceless.

To be honest I didn't take all these photos. photo cred: Kollin and Steph Brinkerhoff