Monday, October 3, 2011


This has been a crazy few weeks. I have so many fun DIY about 80% done. 
I will get then done as soon as I have a second to myself.

Here is my list of crazy:
A friends shower 2 weekends ago
Another friends shower last friday 
with Duel Bachelorette party afterwords
Cousins shower the next morning
Friends reception this Friday and the Wedding on Saturday
My BFA(Bachelors of Fine Art application) due on the 12th (which also happens to be my B-day.  
         Happy Birthday to me)
Mid-term paper due in 2 weeks.
Hawaii in 2 weeks for another wedding.
The next weekend my cousins wedding and reception on friday
Then my friends reception the next day

Guys I'm not complaining I'm just making excuses, much better I know. 
So bear with me while I get my life back. 

Here is just a little eye candy to help ease
 the pain. I NEED that rug pronto!
 I hope you forgive me. XOXO