Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Big Dogs Huge Paws

When me and Derrik bought our house we knew we wanted another dog and we knew we wanted a great dane. However, we never could quite take the plunge and get a new mister.
A few months ago we heard about this organization called Big Gods Huge Paws. They specialize in fostering and adoption for giant breeds. We stalked the site for months, looking at all the sweeties that came and went through this awesome program. I knew this was the thing for us. Our dog Mahzy is so spoiled and we wanted to make another dog as happy as him. We went through the process, filled out papers, bought a bed and a crate, had a home inspection.. it was quite the process but I loved how thorough they were.
Last night we finally got to go pick up our Patron. He is a blue great dane so we had a hunch he was going to be pretty big (that color tends to be the biggest) When we first saw him I was taken back by his size. He is two and a half years old and so precious. We introduced him to Mahzy and they began to play. Mahz was a little nervous at first, given that Mahzy is used to being the biggest and Patron is nearly twice as big as him. We brought him into our house and he just hung out on his bed most of the night. He is a quick learner and pretty much mastered "sit" "lay" and "stay". He is such a sweetie and just wants loves and I can't help but give them to him.
We will have Patron until he gets adopted which I hope doesn't come too soon. It is a little overwhelming having 2 huge dogs but so fun at the same time. Knowing that we are making this little guy happy and helping him find a forever home makes it all worth it.

The Big Dogs Huge Paws community is awesome, there is so many wonderful people involved. If you know of anyone wanting to adopt a giant breed dog or is wanting to foster check out this site.