Thursday, December 20, 2012

Goodbye Callie, my love

Callie left us to go to her forever home on Monday November 26th.
It was hard to say goodbye.

Callie was our second foster dog. I didn't shed as many tears as I did with Patron because this time I knew after she was gone I would be ok. The worst part is saying goodbye and watching them leave.

Callie was the best dog, she was so sweet and full of so much personality. Her only issue was that she had separation anxiety, bad, and it seemed to only be getting worse. When we had gotten the call that BDHP had possibly found a home Derrik wanted to talk to the potential forever home and make sure it would be a good fit. After he got off the phone he knew Callie had to go to this home. The lady lived in Texas, she is in a wheelchair, and she wanted a great dane to be her service dog this would mean Callie would be with her new mom 24/7 so the separation anxiety would not be an issue. This is what Callie was made for. Callie has so much love to give and that is exactly what this woman needs. Callie will be getting 3 months of training so that she can help out her new mommy.

Click here to read about her new life.

Partons new mom called Deek the other day and let us know how he was doing. She said he has his own bed to sleep on and he is so sweet. It was so good to hear from her and know Parton is being well taken care of.

Big Dogs Huge Paws is an amazing organization, click here to see all the pups that need a home.