Friday, June 7, 2013

Closing on 29th Street

We finally made it. We officially sold our house. After a whirlwind of deciding to sell our house and everything that entails, the saga has come to a somber end. Everything happened so fast.

Here is the timeline for the journey to our second home.
Monday: Me, Deek, and my mom drove around just to see what was in the market. Later that night I found a house on 26th that looked like it fit our criteria.
Tuesday: We went through the house and loved it
Saturday: Submitted an offer with a contingency that we sold our current house (wasn't even on the market yet)
Monday: Offer was accepted.
Wednesday: Our house went up for sale
Saturday: We had 2 offers in
Monday: Got the winning offer for more then asking price

It was a crazy 2 weeks to say the least. The current owners of the 26th street house are not able to move into their new house till June 21st, and since we have to move out this weekend we are moving in with my sister Cassi and her husband Jon until we can actually move into our new house. My dad, David, is a real estate agent and he is amazing, he helped us get an amazing deal on our current house and we were able to sell our current house in record time for more then we were hoping for.

Mr. is going to miss his house, but once he sees his new backyard he will be happy again!

If you or someone you know is looking for a new home or wants to sell their current home call Dave, he is amazing, and I'm not just saying that cause he is my dad. 801-644-6655