Monday, July 29, 2013

New House

So we closed on our house on June 7th and we were suppose to move in on the 21st, but since the old homeowners forgot that they had actually sold the house to us (this seems like the only logical reason they wouldn't get out when they said they would) we weren't actually able to move in until the 1st of July. So for the month of July we stayed with my sister, went to Cali and then stayed up at Derrik's parents in Liberty, so I guess you could say we were nomads for about a month.
We have now been in our new home for about a month and we have been working hard on getting it just how we want it.
Lucky for me... and you I took some photos of the home before we stared. 

Here are a few photos of the main rooms the day we moved in. I will keep you updated as we continue to work on rooms.

Those green shutters have got to go!

These pictures don't do that hideous wood trim justice

Wood fireplace with forest green marble and gold doors... a 1980's dream

Lucky for us there was pea green curtains everywhere