Thursday, January 2, 2014

Je t'aime Paris

Paris left us for her forever home on Friday the 27th. She was definitely the hardest one to let go so far. Paris was with us the longest of all the fosters, just over 2 months. That is more then enough time to fall hard for such a lover like Paris.

Derrik and I received an email on Christmas Eve telling us to call a potential home for her and see if they were a good match. After Derrik got off the phone he knew they would be perfect for each other. This family lived in Nebraska, they have a 14 year old lab, 10 year old great dane, and a kitty.
Christmas eve night we got another email saying that it was official and Paris had a forever home. It is so hard to say goodbye but I know that Paris will be so happy with her new family. The couple works opposite schedules so the doggies are rarely left alone.

On Friday morning the 27th Derrik had to drop her off in echo to another transport. I had to go to work so I had to say my goodbyes at the house. Lets just say there were tears and lots of them. She was such a sweetie and I will miss her more then I can express.

Fostering is hard, emotionally. People always ask us why we do it. Isn't is hard? Poor Mahzy, it must be so hard for him. Why would you do that to yourself? Yes it is hard on all of us including Mahzy, but is also so rewarding.

I see stories like this and it breaks my heart that these pups have no where to go. Then I get updates from pages like this that tell us how shelters are overcrowded and there are so many animals in need of homes. Then I also get sent this type of link and I see how happy and grateful these angels are for a second chance. While we can't adopt all these dogs, we can bring them into our home just for a little while, show them what love is (in some cases for the first time) and let them know that not all humans are bad, or give them a chance for a better life.

So, yes, yes it is hard to fall in love with these gentle giants just to say goodbye to them in a few weeks but we also get to see them grow. We see them learn new tricks, to trust humans, and to have an instant furry best friend in Mahzy.  Saying good bye to them is the hardest part but also the most rewarding. In Paris's case she was very skittish around humans when meeting them for the first time but after many nights of having friends over she learned to not be so scared. I was so worried she would be scared of the person transferring her but Derrik said that she got right in her car and was so excited. phew.