Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Living Room: After

When we first walked through the house back in July I was in love, I could see past the mint green carpet and the owners floral couch.  The stained wood baseboards and wood doors were not a deal breaker. I knew I could make this house exactly what I wanted and I was so excited to do it. In our old house the people we bought it from had already updated it so even though the wall color wasn't my favorite and the lighting fixtures were something I wouldn't have chosen of myself I left them because they were brand new. But with our new house I could pick any color of paint and make the house exactly what I dreamed, I mean within reason.

While going through the house the first time I took 2 photos of the home, why didn't I take more? I'm so mad. Here is the shot of the living room. This just gives you a sense of what Im working with here. 

We knew right off the bat that all the walls, baseboards, doors and ceilings needed painting. The carpet needed to be gone. Deek tried to talk me into to getting new carpet but I knew once he saw the amazing hardwood underneath he wouldn't want to cover it up (most older homes have hardwood under carpet, SCORE) There are amazing built-ins in this home and I knew with a little white paint they would have a whole new life.

First things first. We sanded, primed and painted all the baseboards, fireplace and built in bookshelf.

Next we primed the wall that the fireplace is on because it was an orange-y/tan and it needed to go. Also take note of the other walls that where tan with a darker sponge texture, cute.

Then we painted the entire room with Sherwin Williams Egert White then gave the ceiling a fresh coat of basic white.

Next we removed the green carpet, and took out the gold fireplace cover, and hung the TV above the fireplace.

This is the room currently, we still need to refinish the hardwood floors and refinish/retile the green marble around the fireplace, but there is so much still to do to the house these things can wait.