Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Six. More. Days.

We are counting down the days until Nin is done with chemo.  As of today, Wednesday, there are only six more days!

The chemo treatments are definitely compounding. Before Nin stated this cycle we heard a bunch of different scenarios of what might happen. Everybody reacts a little differently and Nin has definitely fallen under the category "Compounding fatigue and dude effects." <-- I'm typing this on my phone and it auto corrected side effects to dude effects so I'm leaving it.  I'm not even mad about it.  I'm kind of proud that my phone is starting to understand what I truly want to type.

Nin has weathered the side effects surprisingly well.  Even as they get more intense, she's MVPing her way through.

The most obvious, recent side effect, besides hair loss (duh), is Nin's finger nails slowly dying. Over the past few weeks they've turned a little red and have become sensitive. She regularly catches her nails on things which causes them to lift up. [Gross chill shivers] <-- not unlike pee shivers, btw.  She has a hard time with simple tasks like buttoning buttons, opening cans (of Whoop Ass), undoing car seat buckles, or plucking at a harp. I don't think she's ever plucked at a harp but the thought of her playing one with the current state of her nails just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

Nin's hair has started to grow back. It's really light (in color and thickness). Here is a crappy quality picture showing what her hair is looking like.

Her head feels like a minkey blanket. I'm not exactly sure what a minkey is but I like to think that it is a monkey with suuuuper soft fur that just gets brushed and conditioned all day long in the salon of nature.  Her hair doesn't feel like it's from a full grown minkey though. I'd say it would be from a brand new super soft baby minkey.

Nin's fatigue has been stepping it's game up over the past couple treatments. She's starting to feel more tired for those first couple days after chemo. Especially the second day.  Even then, she handles it like a trooper.  She rarely complains and even more rarely asks for help.  If the situation were reversed and I were going through chemo, I'd probably be face down in bed for 5 days following treatment, peek outside to see make sure the world was still spinning on the 6th day, then go back to chemo on the 7th day. Nin is seriously so tough.

She just completed her 15th of 16 chemo treatments today. Plus it's her birthday tomorrow! Make sure you wish her this cancer fighting badass the Happiest of Birthdays!  Just do it more gently than this girl...