Friday, January 6, 2012

Cabin Fever

For New Year's Eve Derrik and I decided to join a few friends up at our friends the Bells in Heber. The more I go up there the more I am convinced I need to move up there and have a big yard, chickens and a huge garden. But I digress. As we spent the entire night talking and laughing we got on the subject of how awesome it would be to get a cabin. Ever since that discussion I have thought about it non stop. The thought of having our own cozy little cabin to get away sounds like my cup of tea.
Growing up I had a friend that had this old little cabin that more often then not had no power and no running water, but we didn't care it was so fun. We would go up there, sit around and talk and have a CDR (Cabin Dance Revolutions). Soon after our other friends family built a cabin bigger then any house I had been to. While it was awesome, huge, and had everything you would ever need, it wasn't the same. We would sit around watch movies in the theater and half the time I wouldn't even see everyone because they were off in some other part of the cabin. I missed the old little cabin.
Over these past few days I have been looking up "Cabin Porn" ya thats really what it's called. I found some awesome ideas that are inspiring me to find a secluded spot and start building.

Tell me this isn't the cutest little cabin?

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