Friday, March 15, 2013

Big Dogs Huge Paws-Sparty

Sparty is our newest and furriest foster yet. He is a 2 year old Lanseer, a type of Newfoundland, and covered in black and white fur, with the cutest little face you have ever seen. He came from Lehi from a family that fell on hard times and weren't able to give him what he deserves. We met the family in Salt Lake on Saturday 3/2/12. It was sad to watch them say goodbye to a dog they loved, I cant even imagine giving up our furkid. He is so well behaved, when we are home, all he want to do is play with Mahz and sleep on the cool tile. He struggles with being alone, can you blame him me and Derrik are pretty cool after all. We have to keep him in his crate when we are gone and he tries his best to escape. He is getting better everyday though. We love being able to have the opportunity to love and take care of these sweet pups, each one has such a unique personality and I love getting to know them and learning from them.

Check out his profile on Big Dogs Huge Paws.