Sunday, March 24, 2013

California Cruisin

I have the worst luck when it comes to traveling. If it's not the airlines taking me off the roster for the flight when I actually paid for a ticket or missing 7 stand-by flights, I'm cursed. This trip was no different, and this time I took 3,000 people down with me.

My family planned to go on a California cruise for my grandparents 60th anniversary. A few of us flew out a few days early to stay with my sister Angie at her home in Redondo Beach.
Me, Derrik, my sister Cassi and her husband Jon were suppose to get on our flight at 6:25 on Thursday January 10th, that just so happened to be the night of the huge storm. After driving for 3 hours trying to make our flight, then to reach the ticket counter to be told we were 5 minutes too late, we decided to stay in a hotel that night so as not to miss our flight the next afternoon. In the morning, finally feeling like the fun could begin we get a phone call saying the boat we are suppose to get on on Sunday is stuck in Mexico and maybe, MAYBE, it will be back for us to board on Monday. Which will cut our cruise down a day and prevent us from stopping in Poutre Vallarta. At this point I'm not even surprised, of course this would happen, why would my trip be smooth sailing?

From this moment we decided to make the best of it, there was nothing we could do.
We flew into Cali Friday afternoon to stay with my sister Angie. We were able to board the ship on Monday, but not without standing in a line for 4 hours. Once we got on the boat the bad luck decided we had had enough and left us alone. The food was delish and you can better believe I had an ice cream cone in my hand at any given moment. The ship stopped in Cabo for 2 days and we were able to do some beach lounging and shopping, what more could a girl ask for?
It ended up being a very relaxing trip full of good food and good company.