Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Dogs Huge Paws-Paris


Meet our newest and possibly sweetest foster dog, Paris. She is the most cuddliest dog we've had. Paris is a 7 year old, 100 pound Great Dane, though she looks like she has a little lab in her. She loves to set her face on your lap while you are trying to get something done... but with that face we all know not much gets accomplished. Paris and Mahz were instant best friends. They love to cuddle and play together. Paris even makes Mahzy a lot less neurotic when we aren't by his side. She is a little skittish of males but after being properly introduced (usually by Mazy going over to the new person and licking their hand to show her they are nice) she is such a sweetie to everyone.

If you or someone you know want to help make a difference go to and go to their "available dogs" page to look at all the sweeties.

WARNING: If you want to adopt Paris you have to be an amazing, kind, sweet, human because we wont let her go for anything less.