Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Nursery Mood Board

Since pretty much the second I found out I was pregnant I started to think about the nursery. My thoughts and ideas were all over the place and I was having a hard time coming up with a cohesive theme/mood in my mind, so off to Photoshop I went. I decided to put together a mood board or what I wanted the nursery look like. Since I'm not a huge theme person the room is not themed it's more of just a mood. This was a perfect way to get all my favorite things down and see how they would look together.

I love the way it's turning out. With this board I can stay true to my vision and not ruin it by some last minute impulse purchase, and when others ask what the nursery will be like I can just show them this, and voila!

I wanted the room to be light and playful without too much color and a little moody. One of the first things I found was a print from The Black Apple and knew I wanted to use it. Pretty much I based the room colors around that print. Along with the other prints I have on the board I want to have some family photos and a few personal things to bring character and a bit of our family into the room.

(1) Basket; (2)Lamp; (3) Moonrise Prints; (4) Alice in Mask; (5) Feather print; (6) Monster print (7)Mexican blanket; (8) Jenny Lind crib; (9) Gold fitted sheet; (10)Vintage dresser; (11)Sheep skin rug;  (12)Wood cityscape; (13)Lovely print; (14) Stephanie Rocker