Monday, September 15, 2014

Spare Room Before and After

Our spare room was interesting to say the least. The blue carpet HAD to go, along with the painted over wallpaper that had brush marks so that it "looked like wallpaper" cause that makes sense.

Instead of going through who knows how many layers of paint and wallpaper we knew the walls would be atrocious. So instead, we decided to add to the problem and just paint over the previous owners hideous creative paint job.

As usual I forgot to take a true "before" photo. This was taken just as we finished patching the holes and sanding down the overlaps in the wallpaper. Don't you love that blue carpet I call it Painters Tape Blue... gorgeous.

Here is the room after a fresh coat of paint and new carpet.
Is there anything better then new paint and carpet, I say there is not. 

So much better right?

Here was our TO DO for the spare room.
1. Take down the lovely curtains and patch the holes.
2. Sand down any lumps or overlap in the wallpaper
3. Get new windows.
4. Paint the ceiling
5. Paint Walls
6. Pull back blue carpet and paint baseboards
7. Replace carpet
8. Marvel at a job well done
9. Fill the room with a spare bed for Sunday napping

Now that that's done time to take everything out and start with the nursery overhaul