Monday, December 11, 2017

Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

Hey guys it's me, Nicole, the less funny Schweppe. I like to get on here every once and a while try to be as entertaining as Deek but we all know that's a lost cause. So I'll just stick to some pictures. I recently got back the photos that Ciara Richardson took of my Head Shaving Party back in June. As many of you know she is a very good friend and equally good photographer. She documents my life and Im grateful to her to have these beautiful pictures to look back on. Thinking back on this day I thought I remembered every second of it. But looking through these photos there was a few details I forgot.

In these first photos you can see how much my hair had changed in just 2 days. At this point it was falling out in chunks. It had started to become dread locks as it fell out and I probably could have just pulled it out completely at this point. My emotions were all over the place I went from crying to laughing and back again. I was blessed to be surrounded my some of my best friends that helped me stay happy and positive. We also chose to have Penny watch so that she wasn't scared or confused when she saw me for the first time.