Monday, December 4, 2017

Turtle Doves

Oh hey there. Remember us?

We're back for a little update. I feel like there hasn't been a lot to report on lately so I haven't written any posts. To be honest I'm happy that there isn't anything major and cancer related to update you all on but I do miss writing more frequent posts.  I never thought I'd like writing but as I've been documenting this journey I've realized that I really enjoy it.  Especially when nobody is grading my papers and I can let my jackassery run wild...

As Nin finishes her treatments and life returns to normal the question arises, do we/I keep up on the blog?  Over the past few months months I've been told by at least two people to keep writing.  As polling goes, I'd say that translates into millions of potential readers.  That's how polling works, right?

So my question to you is, should I continue to write blog posts through the end of Nin's treatments and beyond? Or should I keep my non-sensical ramblings about my awesome family to myself? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.  Or in a text.  Or a candy-gram.  You choose your preferred method of communication.

Cancer-wise not a lot has happened in the past few weeks. Nin has started radiation and will hopefully finish by the end of the year IF there aren't any delays. Apparently the radiation machine that is used on her is one of the best in the state but can be very finnicky. Is that how you spell that? Finnicky, Finickie, Phinicky?  Finnick from Hunger Games, what do you think?

He ain't care about spelling, he just wants sugar cubes.

This radiation machine, which uses TomoTherapy, has to be constantly re-calibrated when there are changes in barometric pressure, weather, or when a One Direction member leaves the band. So pretty often. These delays are usually only a day so hopefully we don't experience many.  **I just googled One Direction and it looks like they are on a "hiatus".  Hopefully that doesn't mean that we'll be plagued with delays now.  Thanks a lot guys.  

The side effects have been pretty minimal.  In her right arm her skin and inside sinews/tendons/gristles are starting to feel a little tight.  She's also starting to feel less mobility in her right arm, which fortunately shouldn't be permanent.  It turns out that this TomoTherapy technique also won't leave her skin looking like a 98 year old lady from Florida that has sun-bathed every single day for 90 years. So that's nice.

The radiation has made her pretty tired.  The fatigue isn't as bad as the first eight weeks of chemo but it still isn't fun.  As always, she's taking it in stride with a smile on her face.  And sometimes with a nap on her face.

Since the last blog post we've been partying pretty hard.  Life is seemingly returning to normal, or at least a new normal, and it's been nice to get into a better rhythm of daily life.  Sans the nausea, severe fatigue, hair loss, constant Dr appointments, non-stop babysitting requests, and all that other fun stuff that comes along with cancer treatments.

We had the wonderful opportunity to spend ten days in Europe to celebrate Nin finishing chemo. A  trip to metaphorically celebrate Nin crushing and walking away from chemotherapy, middle fingers high in the air.  Two turtledoves, sky high.

I'll post a little bit about the trip soon.  In the meantime, here are the cliff notes.  Crepes, baguettes, more crepes, mountains, waterfalls, and another crepe.