Wednesday, June 22, 2011


     Even though Im getting my bachelors in fine art. I don't consider myself an artist I’m very much a practical girl and it's hard for me to see the practical side of some art. I’m more, lets say crafty. I love the DIY things. I love pieces that are both gorgeous and functional. When looking at different sculptures and art pieces I often find myself asking “where would I put that in my house?” and more often then not my answer is, “I wouldn’t.” Therefor it’s a torn world I love in, but then again, isn't it for most people. 

      I found this DIY on and fell in love. I don't know what my current obsession with driftwood is lately but I'm infatuated with it. As much as I'm not into the whole sayings on the wall inspirational vinyl wall decor, I think the drift wood more then makes up for it. And the fact thats it cost less then $50 to make. Im there. 

What you need:

     4, 6' fence slats
     2 2x8 piece of wood
     Liquid glue
     "D" ring hangers
     Metal wire
     Wood burning kit

Sand down fence slats to expose the wood

Attach 2, 2x2's with liquid nails or wood screws.

Add the distressed feel by beating the wood with a hammer, chains, ect.

Now stain it.

Attach the 2 "D" hooks. Then attach the two hooks together with wire.

Then use a wood burning kit to burn in a saying.

And voila!

Since moving into our house a few months ago I still have a few walls that need a little love. Im thinking this little beauty will fit in just perfect.