Monday, June 27, 2011

Trailers Galore

Can someone please explain to me what my fascination is with all things moving houses. House boats, regular boats with little cubbies, yachts, trailers, motor homes. I think I have a serious disease. Me and Deek used to go to the boat show and all I cared about were the boats that had a house feel to them. When driving past as RV lot, no fail, every time I find myself wondering if there is a way to go look inside of all those moterhomes. I don't know what it is that sparks my interest in them, if it's the home away from home thing or just the idea of playing cards and hanging out while driving. I love them.
It's not just the huge ones either, though that would be awesome, it’s the small ones too.  And the weird thing is I don’t even want one for camping. I love me some tent camping, I just want one to drive up the coast or drive across the country but that is even asking for a lot. I just want to look through them, is that too much? And then there is the whole buying a travel trailer from the 60's and fixing it up. Combining my two loves. It's almost too much.
 So here are some ideas if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas this year.

Tell me this would not be awesome to road trip in?

This couple featured on renovated a 1963 trailer into a home office. I think I could get a lot of work done in this beauty. (Derrik take note)