Thursday, June 30, 2011

Home Tour

Before we moved into our house a few months ago I had previously been trying to decide what style and feel I wanted our new humble abode to be. Did I want it light and airy, dark and dramatic, vintage, modern? I spent months looking up inspirations and searching every store deciding what I wanted to create. Like most people I don't have an unlimited budget so I ended up decorating according to the style of the house we bought and pieces I already owned. Even though my house is pretty much done in the ways of decorating I still love to look up different ideas and see what others have done and maybe someday Ill be able to really do what I love.

I found this house by Caitlin Van Horn on Design Sponge. When looking up different houses I can never decide if I like the white clean modern look or the rustic cozy feel. With this house you don't have to decide. It is beautifully designed with a little bit of each.  
I love the white walls and modern fireplace with the mix matched old frames.

I would have never thought to put those stools with that white modern kitchen. But I love it.