Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I love Christmas and the feeling it brings. There was one Christmas when I was probably around 12 that I will always remember. My parents had decided we were going to ease up on our own Christmas that year and help give to a less fortunate family. On Christmas Eve we drove to their house in Ogden and dropped a few things off, as we were driving through the neighborhood, headed home, we stopped in front of a small house with big windows. The curtain was wide open and inside we could see a large family with santa hats on. They were laughing and dancing all together. I remember sitting in front of their house with my family in total silence as we all felt the spirit so strong. That family didn't have much but they had everything because they had each other. I don't remember the presents I got that year but I do remember exactly how I felt as we were able to help a family in need and we got to watch another family love and laugh together.

Me and Derrik have never been ones for extreme gift giving. We have set a pretty low number that we spend every year and it hasn't changed since we were first dating and I like it that way. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the gifts being passed around and I lose the spirit of the season. Over the past few years I have been thinking of traditions and when we start a family what I want our kids to experience. I will never forget that Christmas we had the chance to help another family out and I want my future children to feel that peace and love that comes along with helping others. I came across this post this morning and I can't help but share. Reading the comments makes me have faith in humanity again. Even those that have nothing are willing to help.