Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas at Hogwarts

For the last few years me and my friends have decided to spice up our annual Christmas party with adding a theme to it.
The first year was "An Upper East Side Christmas" Gossip Girl inspired. 
Colored tights and a big headband was a must!

Last year we went a little more Christmasy and went with "Whoville"
Complete with Who-Hash and Who-Pudding.

Since the love of Harry Potter runs deeps within our group we decided to do a 
"Christmas and Hogwarts"
I wanted this theme to take over the party. So for the invites of course I had to do Hogwarts acceptance letters. To make them legit I used the Harry Potter font and used the Hogwarts crest. After I congratulated my friends for being accepted into Hogwarts I soaked the letters in coffee to add a worn and vintage look. I also sealed the letter with red wax and a seal.

The yummy spread.

 We even had Butterbeer.

Wanted Posters

It was such a fun night. Thanks to all my friends who came, I love you all!