Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am surrounded by some of the most talented women. My one friend, Stephanie, in particular is blowing up on Pinterest. I have had the pleasure of helping her out with a couple concepts in the past like this Southern Belle shoot and a workshop she did a few months ago. Our friends have been watching her numbers grow like crazy on Pinterest, this weekend she hit 4 MILLION, so her husband threw her a Quinceanera, it seemed like the right thing to do.

This was one of the greatest parties! We came dressed in our Mexican best, there was a big bouncy castle that you had to go in to enter the abandoned building where the festivities took place. Steph's husband Kollin went all out for her big coming of age party. There were several, several, pink balloons on the ground, two pinatas, a cake, prayer candles and a strobe light. We spent the night dancing, laughing and taking pictures. Kollin even beat boxed for us and it was amazing.

The fabulous Ciara Richardson, who also took the photos for the Southern Belle shoot, was there to capture every step. Click here for all the totes adorbs photos.

Congrats Steph as of this moment you are at 
4,030,668 followers on Pinterest, I have 200...