Friday, May 12, 2017

Habdahumbadahubuda SOLD !

That was my best auctioneer voice via type.  I hope it worked because it did in my mind and it was magical.

Our friends put together an Instagram auction with all of the proceeds going towards Nicole's medical bills.  We are absolutely blown away my how many people have donated such great products and are bidding.  If you are interested in bidding or donating something, you can find the page on Instagram @warriornicoleauction. <-- Click the link.  Auction is currently live and ends at 8pm MST today.

We have been overwhelmed (in a good way) by the generosity from family to complete strangers.  This is a tough journey, especially for Nicole, and minimizing the stress of the cost of cancer will be immeasurable for both of us.  We can't say it enough but THANK YOU.  I wish I could wrap my arms around each of you and thank you personally.  Maybe a kiss on the lips too if you play your cards right.

It's been hard for both of us to be on the receiving end of so much charity and generosity.  We can't help but feeling guilty about it all.  This is our trial and part of us feels like it's our cross to bear and ours alone.  In preparation for all of this, we were very blessed last year with the ability to allocate some of our money specifically to help those less fortunate.  The feeling we got from giving was nothing short of spiritual and felt so good that it was almost addictive and made us want to give as much as possible.  We didn't realize how much harder it would be to be on the receiving end.  Knowing how great it feels to give makes it a little easier to be on the receiving end.  As we were hesitant to receive help from someone this month, they said "Don't you dare deny me these blessings!"  So I guess what I'm trying to say to everybody that has and will serve us is you're welcome.  Enjoy the blessings!

I kid.  In all seriousness, thank you all from the deepest depths of our hearts.  We promise to spend the rest of our lives paying it forward and giving back as much as we can do those in need.  Please know that we promise to be worthy stewards of your hard earned money.

Nicole likes to end her posts with quotes so I'm going to follow suit.  I heard this the other day about being diagnosed with cancer and it feels ridiculously accurate:

"You've just been hit by a train.  And it's a long train."