Monday, May 15, 2017

Public Service Announcement

I feel like I shouldn't even need to be writing this but I do.

Please for the love of everything that is holy, when talking to Nicole or myself do not tell us a story about a relative, friend, or acquaintance that had breast cancer or another type of cancer and died. Know your audience! Read the room!

Don't let this request detract from the tragedy of losing a loved one, regardless of how long ago it's been. We are so sorry for your loss. Just understand that at this stage in our lives, mid-cancer battle, we need stories of survivors and successful recoveries. Positivity for the win!

Rant over. Love you guys.


  1. Amen! My husband & I are cancer survivors and my family made same request. Best thing someone said to us was "God still heals cancer" from a stranger who turned out to be a cousin of a friend who lives 3 hours away! How many times does the Bible have the words "look up" & "fear not"? ��

  2. Yes! I totally know what you mean. My mom has been battling lung cance since 2012. She has luckily and fortunately been absolutely treatment free since November of 2015 which to us is a small miracle and it helps her to read other stories of survivors and fighters out there but she gets so incredibly touched and saddened by stories of people fighting cancer who die even if she doesn't know them so I totally understand. From what I read I understand Nicole is about to start her first round of super aggressive chemo followed by radiation which is what they did for my mom for her lung cancer. I know it will be difficult and annoying and emotionally wrecking for her going through it and for you watching her go through it and feeling pretty helpless as to her pain. My best advice is hang in there try to be as strong as you can do things to distract her and you and just listen to her and be there for her. My moms first treatments were super aggressive as well and she actually had to be hospitalized for some of her chemo because of how aggressive it was but at the end of the day this is what saved her life even if it was horrible we all believe that she is still here with us today and doing awesome because her first treatment was so aggressive that it kicked cancer in the butt. The cancer did come back after that in her adrenal gland and some spots in her lung but it has never regained its full strength like it originally was which is why she has managed to remain treatment free for so long. So hang in there and remain as strong and positive as you can knowing that this is a battle but that you can beat it nd regain your life back. All my positive vibes to your family ������