Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bald is Beautiful

So...this happened last night:

Emotions were as true and raw as ever and I'll glad our friends were there to document it. While they probably won't be our favorite feelings to relive, soon they will become memories we look back on fondly.

Nin was going to buzz her head on Saturday while we were in the Uintas but decided to wait it out unto her hair starting coming out in bigger clumps. Needless to say, we got a little greedy and tried to hold off until Wednesday so Nin could have our friend, and photographer extraordinaire, Ciara Richardson document the experience. By the time Wednesday rollout around, Nin looked like she had one big dreadlock. So much hair had already fallen out but it was held in place by her other still rooted hairs. If we had waited even another day I'm sure it all would have fallen out as one full real-hair wig.

Surprising nobody, Nin looks beautiful with a buzzed head. She can pull off all the hair styles with ease. Even the hair styles without hair.

The hardest thing for Nin is the visual reminder that she has cancer. Up until this point she's had some side effects like exhaustion and nausea, but very people looking in from the outside would even know she was sick. Especially with how well she has handled the side effects.  At least she looks stunning so when she gets that visual reminder it's a beautiful one!


We'd like to give a big shoutout to two of Nin's biggest supporters, my dad Mark (right) and step-dad Barry (left). In a true display of solidarity, they preemptively shaved their heads in support for her. What's even more impressive is that they did it over a decade before she did and they will keep it up for the rest of their lives. That it true commitment. Thank you both for your continued support! #Solidarity