Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I'm going to start with a spoiler alert. Nin is doing GREAT! Day 6 is in the books and she has done so well. We fully expected her to be bed ridden for the better part of the first week after each dose. She's pretty exhausted and weak but is staying ahead of the nausea with her anti-nausea medication. She luckily hasn't experienced bone pain from the Neulasta (It's like speed for bone marrow. Or maybe crack?).

We feel beyond blessed for her strength thus far. Everybody seems to say chemo effects them differently. Some say the first dose is the worst because your body isn't ready or prepared to be injected with poison. Others say the last dose is the worst because the side effects from previous doses compound each week. Either way we are grateful for this week.

We were able to party pretty hard this weekend as demonstrated by Nin here on my Mom's floor.

Really though, we got out and partied. On Saturday we went to Huntsman for Nin to get a shot in the morning, then to our friend's parent's house for a mid-day pool party/BBQ, then to the valley for my cousin's wedding.  Penny and I raged in the pool while Nin napped like a boss.

Nin actually got to spend some quality time in the sun with her legs in the pool, looking like a Baywatch lifeguard. She even ran in slow motion.

After the pool/nap party we drove to Liberty for my cousin Ben (+ Jen's) wedding. I only got a couple pictures from the wedding. Nin looked like she just flew in from NYC fashion week. So hip.

Overall, a great week. Hopefully the first of many. We can't know exactly why she is doing so well but I know that her positive attitude is a huge factor. Nin's been dealt a pretty crappy deck of cards. Nobody would blame her for having a 24/7 pity party. Being miserable would probably be much easier than being as positive as she has been. Tyler Smith, the 15-year old from the Chemo Day 1 post, said it best:

"I could complain but it wouldn't change my situation.  I can be happy and be sick, or just be sick. I choose to be happy."