Monday, June 26, 2017

Iceland Day 1 - Reykjavik to Westfjords

The first day in Iceland was a long but majestic day.

Our flight from Utah was a red eye flight and who doesn't love a red eye flight? Fortunately we got a full forty minutes of sleep. Plus we had enough time to build this rocking horse.

Our first day was a TON of driving.

It was mostly dirt roads that followed the water around fjords. The roads would go up and over the mountains then drop back down into the next fjord.

Luckily the views were amazing and we did a couple magical hikes along the way. The first was a huge waterfall called Glymur. The get to the best views of the waterfall you had to ford a river like on Oregon Trail game in the early 90's.

Nin was down to party and hopped right in.

Side note: I can't pronounce, understand, read, or even imagine what any Icelandic words sound like. It's crazy! This is what every word sounds like to me.

We drove way north on a dirt road that followed the coast up and down the Westfjords with a gas station hot dog lunch pit stop.

We took a detour to this beautiful waterfall. Waterfalls are call _______foss. They will henceforth be referred to as "fosses" because the names are ridiculous and don't make any sense in my mind.

Nin, Alex, and I nailed every photo by keeping our eyes open.

We arrived at our AirBNB which was an hour and a half from the nearest town in it's own valley on the coast. It looks like something straight out of a Windows 95 screensaver but way better quality. It's like real life IMAX.  If you look closely you can see our AirBNB right on the coast.

We arrived around 11:30pm. A bunch of people were at this church so naturally we thought it was a cult and we were going to get murdered that night. Logical. Turns out it was a reunion of the people that went to the school there when they were little, many years ago. They came back that next night for music and dancing.

The sun was still shining bright when we arrived which messes with your brain. We came to Iceland this week because Wednesday was the longest day of the year. In Iceland they call it the midnight sun because the sun never actually sets. It turns to dusk/twilight them right back to day an hour later. Yay for sleep masks.

I originally planned to dedicate a post to each day but we've been partying too hard to keep up.  It's already Day 4 and I'm just posting this so who knows what will happen!

Nin's doing great overall. She's been tired but hasn't missed out on any of the activities. She's a champ! We've already listened to a solid 16 hours of Harry Potter. Nin's slept through about 12 1/2 of those hours.  Raging internationally is hard.