Thursday, July 14, 2011

Straight to Hawaii

My dear friend Erica is getting married this fall and I couldn't be more excited for her, and for me cause this wedding is set in Hawaii and I get to go! I've never been to Hawaii so I'm very excited. Traveling is one of those things that I just ache to do all the time. I have a battle inside me all the time on where I want to go. While I love to visit the places that I've already been and love, I yearn for those new and exciting countries and states. Much like everything else in my life I want it all. I want to drive up the West coast to Oregon and Washington, go to NYC and Boston in the fall and Salem on Halloween, but then there's this part that wants to fly to Europe and sleep on overnight trains and eat in little Cafes. Were do I start? For now I'll just rely on my friends to get married in exotic places so I have to go. Hint Hint. So I guess Hawaii is as good of place as any to start. Especially because I will be with some of me and Derriks closest friends. 
Here are some pics that really got me excited for the beach, like I needed any help. My vaca won't quite be as glamourous but hopefully I can get some fun photos of the trip,
but first hit play on this song to get the full effect

Ever since watching Just Go With It, me and Deek have been singing
this song anytime Hawaii gets brought up, and thats a lot of singing, even for us.

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