Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Till we Meet Again

For anyone that has lost someone, you know that it is a difficult time for not just close family and friends but to all those that knew them. For many it is a humbling reminder how precious and fragile life is. It makes all of those usual mundane moments seem like a gift that should be cherished. 
I recently lost someone many of my childhood memories were with. Upon hearing the news I felt lost, why is this happening again? So many young kids have passed on way before their time. After talking and having heartfelt discussions with my parents and siblings I felt a sense of loss. The image of the young, funny, life of the party, boy kept coming back to me. Why did it end this way? After having sometime to come to terms I know he is in a better place, a place without all the worries of the world. Although the lost life of a young bright kid is heartbreaking we should be happy for him and the chance he has to be with our Heavenly Father and other loved ones that have passed before him. When someone close to you passes it makes you really cherish the relationships that are in our lives. It is a shame that it takes someone being taken from us to realize how lucky we are to have loved ones around. All those petty things we worry about seem to be almost silly. Life here on earth is so fragile and we should be thanking Heavenly Father everyday we have a chance to wake up and live life. 
I am so unbelievably lucky to be married and sealed to my best friend, Derrik, and I know that no matter what happens to us we will be forever together. Even if we part in this life, it will be but a small moment in our eternity together.

We love you Sterling and you will be missed by so many people.