Thursday, September 15, 2011

Country Living

This summer I started my very first garden. I wasn't able to start it as early as I should have since the garden area itself wasn't quite finished. But I was able to plant tomatoes, raspberries, chives, red peppers and pumpkin (next year I'm planting a ton more pumpkin, I love these suckers) It has been such a fun summer filled with fresh fruits and veggies. After getting a little taste (literally) of the gardening life, I'm hooked! Now all I can think of is owning a bunch of land with huge garden and maybe a few chickens. I recently heard somewhere that if you have a garden and a library you have all you need to survive. I love this since pretty much the day me and Deek met we have been fantasizing about one day having a huge library, Beauty and the Beast style. Ok, maybe not that big but a library fully equipped with a fireplace big cozy chairs and a ladder to reach the top of the huge shelves.
Interior design wise something about the relaxed country feel mixed with the bold lines of industrial have really been tickling my fancy.
Now don't get me wrong I love being close to the city but if there was a place to have a bit more land then the usual home I'd take it.
I found a few pictures that have really got me planning my dream home.

Tell me this house isn't beautiful. 

This garden is gorgeous. I can totally picture me out there 
gathering the veggies I will use for dinner that night.

This is my dream kitchen for sure, those modern subway 
tiles mixed with that vintage stove and the wood island. 
Can you say perfection?