Friday, September 2, 2011

Side of Mustard

Before me and Deek got married I had a realization that I probably needed to buy some furniture for our apartment. So of course I headed to the DI. I found 2 side tables for $10 each, they had a hideous brown stain but I could see the potential in them, so into my car they went. I brought them home to which my dad, who had no faith in me, thought they were really bad. My sister-in-law Amy had just painted her china cabinet this beautiful mustard yellow color. I new that was the color I wanted. Instead of painting them with perfection we used an "x" motion. We wanted them to have an old look to them. The dark grim garage helped with that too. 
Im so mad I didn't take "before" picture, of course I remember when I'm halfway done. Oh well all you need to know is that they were bad, but now are cute. I was going to add some new handles but I loved the originals so much so I put a fresh paint of black spray paint on and voila!