Thursday, September 8, 2011

V-Card Mint Mojito

This might not actually be considered a "Virgin Mint Mojito" but I'm told it tastes the exact same without all the work. This recipe is super easy and I have gotten a few requests for it so I thought I would share it with you. I made it for my friend Liz's bridal shower and it was a hit. It is now my go-to recipe for a shower or get together with family and friends. It is so refreshing and the mint adds that little something extra. Hope you enjoy!

Before I jump into the recipe let me give you a back story when my first obsession with Mint Mojitos began. 
Me and Deek went on our honeymoon to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. We were eating at a Tepanyaki style restaurant and ordered virgin mint mojitos since they were free we were ordering drinks left and right. We were eating sushi and I was dying of thirst the waiter finally brought out our mint mojitos sans alcohol, so I thought. I took a huge gulp and I felt this burn in my throat so I took another huge gulp and soon realized it was the drink and it was no virgin. We told the waiter the mix up and it took him about an hour to bring out the right drink and all the while that alcoholic mojito was taunting me, not really I was just so thirsty. Ever since then I just can't quench my thirst for this wonderful drink.

Ok back to the recipe.

Alls ya do...(sorry inside joke, I couldn't resist)

2 liters of Sprite/7 Up
1 can frozen concentrate Lime Aid
about a 1/4 c mint leaves

Combine concentrate lime aid and Sprite in pitcher.
Muddle* mint in glasses right before serving.
Pour lime aid sprite mix over the mint.
Top with 2 mint leaves and sliced limes or raspberries

* This is a muddler to muddle your mint leaves, weird that a muddler would muddle. hmm. Or if you don't have a muddler don't panic you can put the leaves in a plastic baggie and roll over them with a rolling pin to release the flavor.

If you have any delicious recipes, or something you want me to make. 
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