Monday, September 12, 2011

Why Fall is Fabulous

Reasons to L.O.V.E. fall

1. All the new seasons of shows start.
2. Conference weekend- a weekend of lounging in PJ's, big breakfast and crisp weather. Perfect.
3. My Birthday!
4. THE perfect temperature.
5. Cutest clothes. No more of this find-the-least-amount-of-clothes-as-possible-no-matter-how-ugly.
6. Leaves changing colors.
7. Halloween!
8. Thanksgiving.
9. Christmas is just around the corner
10. Shorter school semester. Ok its not really shorter but it sure seems that way.
11. Driving with the windows down.
12. Pumkins- carved, painted, plain? It doesn't matter.
13. Boot shopping- need I say more.
14. Gardner Village- cutest little boutiques and decorated so cute in the fall
15. Fall trips- for some reason all our awesome trips happen at this time of the year. Hawaii here we come!
16. House decorations- 3 months of fun holiday decorations starts now!
17. Did I mention boots?
18. Holiday Parties.
19. Pumkin pie, cookies, and lattes.
20. Sleeping with the windows open and having to snuggle with Deek to keep warm.
21. Did I mention boots?
21. Watching funny Halloween movies. ie. Hocus Pocus and Buffy.
22. Shopping and spending way too much but excusing it with "it can be my Christmas present"

What is your favorite thing about fall?