Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Plan, as of today

I've been hesitant to write out what the plan is to get rid of this stupid cancer because it is always changing. But the reason for this blog is to keep everyone updated and I'll just update it as much as I need to. It has been one hell of a week. When the week is over we will have had 6 Dr appointment (one of which is for Baby Jude's 6 month appointment.)
As of now this is how it's looking:

I'm starting IVF to freeze and harvest my eggs today. This is something that we are praying we won't have to resort to using when the time comes but we won't know until we're trying to have more children. This will be about a two week process. I'm not fond of needles but I think by the time this is all over I'll be a little more used to them.

Bilateral Mastectomy: 
On May 8th I'll have a double mastectomy. In this surgery they'll take out all the tissue from both breasts, check to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, and put my port in. For anyone not familiar the port is something inserted in my skin, right below the collarbone, this is used for chemo so they don't have to stick you for the IV every time. I'll have that in for about a year. They will use that port for antibiotics after the actual chemo treatments are over. 

If the cancer has NOT spread to the lymph nodes, which we won't know fully until surgery, then I will receive chemo once a week for 3 months. They say this treatment is not too intense.  Hair loss is still a side effect but nausea, fatigue, and body aches aren't as big of an issue. However, if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes or beyond, I'll be doing chemo once every 3 weeks for about 5 months. But because this is a much stronger dose the symptoms are hair loss, fatigue, nausea, body aches and pretty much ruining your chance of having children naturally. Fingers crossed it hasn't spread. 

Recovery then Chemo: After surgery I'll have a 3-4 week recovery period before I start chemo. My goal is to have this all over with by October. It's my most favorite month EVER! Also I will be turning 30 and Baby Jude will be turning 1! So lots to look forward to.