Friday, August 12, 2011


Porches are one my favorite rooms in a house. When me and Derrik first started dating and he lived at his dads house they had this amazing porch overlooking their gorgeous pond and the Valley. Living in liberty has its advantages like feeling as though you are on vacation even if you are only 20 minutes from home... Anyway back to their porch. I think one of the best features of the porch is the screens. Best idea ever! This way you can sit in nature without it biting you. So when we first started dating we would spend lots of time out there eating dinner with his family, playing cards and just hanging out. Also the fact that they have a heater out there means you get to spend lots of time out there even in the chillier months. On the 4th of July me and Deek got to spend the night out there on their day bed, while Deek had a miserable night thanks to the cotton storm I was enjoying the sounds of nature and the slight breeze.
So needless to say I LOVE a good porch. My dream house consists of a nice cozy house and a huge porch. Here are some porches to get you by while you wait for your money tree to blossom.

Does this picture make you as sleepy as it makes me?

I can totally picture myself sitting out her with a 
huge blanket and a cup of coco.